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Since 1638, tea has had a rich and varied history in Russia.Due in part to Russia’s cold northern climate, it is today considered the de facto national beverage, one of the most popular beverages in the country, and is closely associated with traditional Russian …

Aunt Ruby’s German Green ($6.25) (B) (E)75-78 days.. You’re going to love this beautiful Tennessee tomato. Medium to large, sweet beefsteaks, bursting with a fragrant, complex, spicy-sweetness with a touch of tang.

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Never before seen video of Russian nudist families celebrating at the lake. Swimming, dancing and sports at the secret nude beach..

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Study: Climate skeptics engage in more eco-friendly behavior than climate alarmists. Dave Huber – Assistant Editor A new study suggests those skeptical about climate change and climate alarmism behave in more climate-friendly ways than do those who are very concerned about the issue.

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A loop in the jet stream brought record cold to places like Colorado and the UK over the past week, while bringing milder air to a small section of the Arctic.

Originally arranged 8/06 by Andrew Still and updated 7/07 with small update 8/14. Introduction. Brassica napus. It is hard to convince everybody of this fact, but kale is the swellest of vegetables and Brassica napus is the best of the best.

Oymyakon Оймякон (Russian) Өймөкөөн (Yakut)- Rural locality – Selo [citation needed]: Oymyakon in February 2013: Location of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in Russia

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The holiday season and the winter chill is upon us, and with it came a cold front that had East Coasters breaking out the hats and scarves. But these s

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What are the best outdoor marijuana seeds for warm or cold climates? Tropical weather requires different cannabis seeds than regions that are cooler.

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